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Product Platform

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Proprietary product offering with themes including:

  • Private Equity AIF
  • Liquidity Enhanced
  • Real Estate AIF
  • Local Opportunities
  • Provides portfolio management functions to AIFLNP’s and self-managed AIF’s

  • Multi Asset Class advisory for corporate and local money accounts
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of complex portfolios
  • Credit instrument analysis
  • Portfolio restructuring and hedging
  • Assistance in negotiating and interacting with third-parties
  • Treasury advisory

Our risk management philosophy is underpinned at every stage through detailed and methodical analysis using bespoke evaluation software programs. Detailed outputs include:

  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Micro analysis of all underlying funds
  • Liquidity profiles
  • Back-testing analysis
  • Stress-testing
  • Provides risk management functions to AIFLNP’s and self-managed AIF’s

The respective investment committees meet regularly to ensure they meet the portfolio’s risk and return objectives. Key areas of consideration include:

  • Adherence to investment guidelines
  • Review of existing portfolio performance and new opportunities
  • Risk Management and Portfolio re-balancing

Specific Coverage and in depth analysis relating to:

  • South East Europe and Hellenic Area
  • Levant & MENA Regions
  • Fixed Income analysis
  • Macro Insight

Portfolios operated in accordance with agreed client parameters with focus on:

  • Risk / Return Objectives
  • Thematic investments
  • Legal and Regulatory considerations
  • Tax efficiency
  • Time Horizon
  • Liquidity
  • Unique Circumstances