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Sustainability risk

  • Sustainability risk is defined in the SFDR “as an environmental, social or governance event or condition, that if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact of the value of investments”. Funds under Byron Capital Partners Ltd management may be exposed to these sustainability risks from time to time.
  • At this time Byron Capital Partners Ltd does not systematically incorporate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors or consider sustainability risk in the investment decision making process of Funds under it’s managements. Due to various investment policies and the nature of the assets in which it’s Funds’ invest, the Manager does not expect ESG factors and sustainability risks to have a material negative impact on the returns of its Funds. Byron Capital Partners Ltd may however, have regard to ESG factors and sustainability risks and their potential detrimental impact on specific investments of the Funds in the future where it appears appropriate for the Byron Capital Partners Ltd to do so and where there is appropriate ESG data available to the Manager to merit considering the systematic integration of ESG factors into the investment decision making process of the Sub-Funds.
  • In accordance with the discretion granted pursuant to the SFDR, Byron Capital Partners Ltd does not consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors in respect of Funds under management, and the will not issue a statement on its website in relation to the due diligence policies with respect to those impacts as the Byron Capital Partners Ltd does not regard sustainability factors to be material to the investment strategy of Funds under its management . In the event that sustainability factors do, in the future, become material, Byron Capital Partners Ltd may consider the principal adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors.
  • While Byron Capital Partners Ltd will closely monitor the development of ESG and more broadly, the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan, Investors s should note that if such sustainability risks do materialise, they may reduce the value of the relevant Funds’ Investments and could have a material impact on the performance and returns any impact Fund.
  • Furthermore, investments within Funds currently do not take into account the EU Taxonomy criteria (Regulation EU 2020/852 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment) for environmentally sustainable economic activities unless otherwise stated in the Sub-Fund’s investment objective and policy

ESG Sustainability Risk Policy.pdf

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HFND Hedge Fund Str. HFND Hedge Fund Strategy
FOFS Fund of Fund Str. FOFS_FHFS Fund of Hedge Funds
OTHR Other Strategy OTHR_FXIF Fixed Income Fund
FOFS Fund of Fund Str. OTHR_FOFS Other Fund of Funds
FOFS  Fund of Fund Str  FOFS_PRIV  Fund of Private Equity 
REST Real Estate Str. RESL_REST  Residential Real Estate
REST Real Estate Str. COML_REST Commercial Real Estate 
REST Real Estate Str. INDL_REST Industrial Real Estate Strategy
REST Real Estate Str. OTHR_REST Other Real Estate
PEQF Private Equity Str. GRTH_CAPL Growth Capital
PEQF Private Equity Str. MZNE_CAPL Mezzanine Capital
PEQF Private Equity Str. OTHR_PEQF Other Private Equity Fund Str.
OTHR Other Strategy OTHR_COMF Commodity Fund
OTHR Other Strategy OTHR_OTHF  Other Fund 

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